What should I bring for boarding?

We encourage you to bring your dog’s regular diet, medications & treats. You can also bring machine-washable bedding & toys. Be sure that any toys you bring are safe to leave with the dog unattended - they will be left in your dog’s suite, and we want to avoid any risk of inappropriate ingestion or choking hazards!

Things you should NOT bring: food & water bowls (excluding slow-feeders), large bulky beds that wont fit in a household washing machine, towels (impossible to distinguish from our own supply) or any sentimental toys you’d be VERY sad to lose. We do our best to keep track of your stuff, but we are not responsible for misplaced or destroyed bedding or toys!

How does a temperament Test work?

The Temperament Test is essentially a free day of Daycare, but with a carefully supervised introduction to the other dogs to ensure safety.

We will first let your dog out into the yard by themselves, and give them a few minutes to relax and explore. Then, we will select our most calm, neutral & easy-going dog from our pack and release them into the yard with your dog, to observe their interactions. If all is going well, we will continue to release one more dog from the pack into the yard, pausing between each introduction to give your dog time to meet & greet, until the whole pack is out together. From that point on, your dog is free to enjoy playing in our daycare for the rest of the day or as long as you wish. We recommend that you leave your dog for at least 2-4 hours so we can get a good assessment of your dog’s behavior throughout the day.

If at any point we see interactions or body language that are not appropriate for group play (aggression, intolerance or extreme fear), we will remove your dog from the yard and call you to let you know that daycare is not a good fit for your dog. Safety and enjoyment of all of our canine guests is our TOP priority, and the group Daycare environment is not appropriate or enjoyable for every dog. We will always give you an honest assessment of your dog’s behavior in our facility, both on the temperament test day and beyond.

We ask that you call and schedule your temperament test visit, so we can ensure there is time and space. You will need to bring your pet’s vaccination records & also fill out our Registration & Release form.

Why does my dog need the flu shot?

Dog Flu is a relatively new disease which can be caused by two different canine influenza viruses. Just like human flu is among humans, Dog Flu is highly contagious among dogs. In fact, unless a dog has already had the illness and recovered, almost every dog exposed to the virus will become infected. Two different strains of canine influenza virus have been isolated in the US. Canine influenza virus H3N8 was first reported in 2003, and canine influenza virus H3N2 emerged in March 2015. These strains are not related. Therefore, dogs at risk should be vaccinated against both strains. This is because the viruses are relatively new, and dogs have no natural immunity to it.

Canine influenza virus (CIV H3N8) has been confirmed in dogs across 43 states and the District of Columbia. In March 2015, a different canine influenza virus, CIV H3N2, caused an outbreak of canine influenza in Chicago. Within 5 months this virus spread to 23 states. And because most dogs are naive to the virus, virtually every naive dog exposed will become infected. Clinical signs associated with CIV can be confused with canine cough making accurate diagnosis difficult.  Dog Flu is a highly contagious virus. All it takes is one interaction with an infected dog, or infected surface, for your pet to contract Dog Flu. We require that all dogs participating in our Daycare or Boarding overnight be vaccinated for both strains of the Dog Flu virus, unless your vet advises against it for medical reasons.

Is my dog a good candidate for daycare?

Daycare and group play can be a positive and engaging source of stimulation, socialization and exercise for many dogs. However, it’s not an environment that is going to be appropriate or appealing to all temperaments and personalities. Dogs with extreme fear of strangers, resource guarding tendencies, poor bite inhibition & inadequate early socialization may never adjust well to the pack environment — and that’s OKAY! We want your dog to be happy and minimally stressed, and we want all of our pack members to be safe. If we conduct a temperament test and let you know that your dog was not a good candidate for daycare, or if we let you know that we are seeing behavior changes in your dog that make group play no longer advisable, please don’t think you have a “Bad Dog”. Just as some people are introverts or hate parties, some dogs just don’t like the activity and stimulation of a daycare pack. We recommend you pursue training classes as a wonderful way to bond with your dog and improve their behavior.

Do you have breed restrictions?

We do not discriminate based on breeds.

That said, we do have high standards when it comes to behavior and bite inhibition for the dogs in our packs. If your dog is too easily triggered into aggression (whether guarding a resource, insecure, or intolerant/controlling), too easily over-stimulated into rough play, or has poor bite inhibition when playing and is causing injuries to other dogs (even if they weren’t trying to hurt the other dog), then we will have to remove your dog from our Daycare pack and discontinue Boarding & Daycare services in the future.

Do you have Webcams?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the ability to offer webcams. We do take pictures on a daily basis of all of the dogs in the daycare groups, and post them to our Facebook page, and you are welcome to call any time to check in on your dog!

What is the best time to drop off for Boarding?

You are welcome to drop off as early as you wish, as we have found over the years that the more playtime the dog gets on the first day, the better the dog sleeps the first night! Please drop off at least 1 hour before we close, so we have time to get your dog settled in their suite before the end of the day. We close at 6:30 pm on Weekdays, and 5:00 pm on Weekends and Holidays.

How do I schedule an Appointment or reservation?

For grooming appointments, it is best to call our front desk at 972-747-0222 to schedule directly with a receptionist.

For boarding appointments, either call us, use our online reservation request portal by clicking here, or email us through the contact form on our Contact Us page.

Daycare appointments are generally drop-in (no reservation required) unless it is a holiday week. Check our Calendar for Holiday schedules when Daycare reservations are required so you don’t miss out!

If you are New Client, please be sure to fill out & bring us a copy of our Registration & Release Form!

What is your Cancellation Policy?

For grooming, we require 24 hour notice to cancel a grooming appointment. There is a $25 cancellation fee if you no call/no show to your appointment. Our groomers are paid by commission, and so their time is very valuable. Missed appointments means missed income, if they don’t have sufficient time to re-book the time slot.

Boarding and Daycare appointments can be cancelled anytime. For holidays, we do ask that you please give us as much advanced notice as possible, as our rooms are usually in high demand!

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email or call!