“Quality, not Quantity…”

At the Zen Den, our Daycare is all about safety, fun, and friends! We have a big dog pack and a small dog pack, which are each supervised. Our facility has a 1/3 acre of outdoor yard space, two large Daycare rooms for indoor playtime, and a separate pool yard for water play during the hot summer months. The small dog pack also enjoys toys & bedding.

Daycare hours are 7am - 6:30pm on Weekdays, and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays. We include a 2 hour “Naptime” from 11:30-1:30pm, during which the Daycare and Boarding dogs retreat to their suites for some quiet rest, lunch if provided, or special treats like Frozen Yogurt or a Peanut Butter Kong.


What makes our Daycare program unique? We focus on three important details:

Small Pack Sizes: We take care to balance how many dogs are in our daycare packs, so that the supervising staff can maintain control, and the dogs aren’t overcrowded or over-stressed. For us, that means our groups range anywhere from 5 - 25 dogs, depending on the time of year and how many boarding dogs are in residence. During our peak holiday boarding periods, we will limit our Daycare to be Reservation-Only so we can keep the group sizes within capacity.

Experienced Staff: Our Daycare handlers are experienced with dogs and well-trained on behavior and dog management. We have full-time staff who are dedicated to supervising either the Big Dog or the Small Dog Groups. Only our most experienced and skilled staff members supervise the big dogs - they tend to be a bit more rowdy! Having the same handlers day-in-and-day-out means they know the dogs better and are more easily able to notice changes in behavior and health. Minimizing staff-changes throughout the day also can keep pack behavior calmer and more consistent, because they understand the expectations of the Daycare handler - all of which reduce stress and promote safety!

Temperament Testing: All dogs are thoroughly screened for appropriate disposition and social skills before being allowed to play with the dogs in our Daycare packs. While we would love to be able to accept every dog that walks in the door, realistically the Daycare environment & group pack play is not appropriate all dogs. We conduct a Temperament Test (free of charge) with each new dog, during which we carefully introduce the new dog to our pack members one at a time, observing closely for signs of extreme nervousness or aggression. Temperament Testing must also be completed before boarding reservations can be made.

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